Uploaded Sat Feb 25 2017 11:41 am

   ElyEdit ver 1.3 / Win32
This new release of ElyEdit
is a full blown Windows GUI
ansi editor. Supports Ansi,
Ascii, Sansi, Wildcat, Pipe,
Telegard, Pcboard, Adept,
Synchronet, and Nexus color
codes! Can even save to bmp
or jpg!

Freeware by Michael Preslar
farfix01.zip (2K)

Uploaded Sun May 20 2007 01:25 am

+-----------| pcmicro presents |-----------+
|                                          |
|             -== FAR-FIX ==-              |
|                                          |
|   Enhances the FAR Archive Viewer for    |
|   optimum BBS Sysop useage.              |
|                                          |
|   Shows how to install FAR as the Win32  |
|   archive viewer in EleBBS's EleMgr/32.  |
|                                          |
|   Makes FAR behave just like SHEZ and    |
|   si
FMLW_142.ZIP (365K)

Uploaded Sat May 19 2007 06:21 pm

FMail 1.42 gamma, Windows 32-bit version
FMail is an echo mail processor for Hudson
and JAM message bases. Also included is a
message base maintenance utility with a lot
of special features. The Windows version can
handle more areas than the standard version
and is optimized for use with 32 MS Windows
like Windows 95 and Windows NT.

Uploaded Sat May 19 2007 06:21 pm

Revision 2.01! Want to set up your BBS under
Win95 but not sure where to begin?
FULLW95.ZIP contains everything you'll need
from start to finish to get your DOS-Based BBS
up and running under Windows 95 with minimal
downtime. FULLW95 includes sample batch files,
FOSSIL drivers, and anything else needed to get
you on your way!  Revised 10/17/95.
irexw229.zip (1,146K)

Uploaded Mon Jun 15 2009 09:51 pm

Internet Rex 2.29 for 32-bit Windows
A program for sending your BBS mail
over the net.  Supports email, FTP,
MIME, UUencoding, XXencoding, GIGO,
Watergate, TransX, Allfix, FrontDoor,
Binkley, D'Bridge and more.  Packed
with features.

NETF123R.ZIP (192K)

Uploaded Sun Jan 12 2020 12:41 pm

NetFoss 1.23R - Windows Telnet FOSSIL driver
Fast 32-bit FOSSIL driver for Windows (x86)-
10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/2003/2008.  Allows DOS
BBS software communications over TCP/IP using
Telnet. Compatible with Serial COM ports and
virtual modems. The NFU utility allows a DOS
BBS to spawn DOS or Win32 (DOOR32) processes.
* Includes Open Source Net2BBS Telnet Server.
Freeware from PC Micro - https://pcmicro.com

Uploaded Wed Jan 17 2018 08:09 pm

PabloDraw setup for Windows

rb4010f.rar (2,230K)

Uploaded Wed Mar 24 2010 08:51 pm

Radius 4.010-2005/01/05. Binaries. [Final Release SR2].
Based on Argus 3.210.
Used parts of exAr+.
TUNDRA~1.EXE (4,340K)

Uploaded Fri Jul 17 2009 05:22 pm

TundraDraw v0.5 Beta 1: ANSI editor for Windows.

wripdm13.zip (347K)

Uploaded Sun Mar 25 2018 05:53 pm

WinRIP Lite V1.00 Demonstration Package