32LO407B.ZIP (475K)

Uploaded Tue Oct 01 2013 08:11 pm

Lord407Beta - Latest as of 9/04/2005 Legend of the Red Dragon (32bit version).
Michael has been working hard on this
fixed a lot of bugs. Look at the
WhatsNew.txt and also the Readme.1st
file for updating instructions.
For Latest updated files just write
an e-mail to files@lordlegacy.com with
the subject line "send me lord32" without
the quotes of course.
AMB4031.zip (1,197K)

Uploaded Sun Apr 24 2011 01:26 pm

Ambroshia v4.5 : Test of Time  7/7/05
version works on DOOR32.SYS Systems & WinServer Systems only
d112001.zip (284K)

Uploaded Sun Sep 06 2009 05:19 pm

Darkness: RPG door game

dpok2k7.zip (264K)

Uploaded Mon Apr 27 2009 04:13 pm

Domain Poker v2K7-1.12 Win32 (FREEWARE)
A 5 card draw, multi-player, interactive
poker game for Synchronet BBS systems.
Supports multiple tables/limits and an
intelligent computer opponent.
Gb2k3v3.zip (320K)

Uploaded Mon Sep 07 2009 07:59 pm

GuTTeRBoWL 2003 - v3.00 --------
Online Bowling Door! 16bit/32bit
Simply the B E S T  bowling door
you'll ever play. ANSI-intensive
animation! Bowl the nearly  true
action-pin-reaction.   Featuring
multi-node, multi-OS support and
Telnet support.  Supports nearly
every known dropfile.  Copyright
ChasWare Software  (c) 1996-2003
Release date --- August 24, 2003

Gbigmv3.zip (320K)

Uploaded Mon Sep 07 2009 07:59 pm

GuTTeRBoWL 2003 ------- IGM Pack
16bit/32bit   versions included!
Gutterbowl Colors -- allow users
to change  their in game colors.
Bowlers Banter --  allow players
to exchange verbal blows in this
oneline program. ---------------
SweetSpot ---- allows players to 
select  default  ball  and curve
position --------Gutterbowl 2003
Simply the B E S T  bowling door
you'll ever play.      Copyright
ChasWare Software  (c) 1996-2003
Release date --- August 24, 2003

jzbl24.zip (268K)

Uploaded Sun Sep 06 2009 05:19 pm

JEZEBEL! Version 2.4 Excellent New RPG 
where the player becomes a computer virus
and tries to conquere the computer.
Players are ranked by their size, which
increases as players destroy programs.
Players must answer a riddle to increase
a level. FREEWARE! [WIN32/DOS/OS2 Versions]
now with drop carrier fix for win2000 and up
PW_153W.zip (70K)

Uploaded Sat Oct 24 2009 09:19 pm

| PimpWars Version 1.53        Win32/Door32 |
| PimpWars is a game where players assume   |
| the role of a Pimp and work the streets   |
| through "extra-cirricular" activities.    |
| This file contains the Win32 version with |
| support for DORINFOx.DEF, CHAIN.TXT,      |
| DOOR.SYS, and DOOR32.SYS drop files. FREE |
|         www.mysticbbs.com/pimpwars
SDL32_1B.ZIP (839K)

Uploaded Sun Apr 24 2011 10:03 pm

Stardock Loco 32 bit Door Game-beta1
16 / 32 bit multi-platform.  WC! 5
PowerBBS,etc 32bit. Works on 16 bit
systems as well.IGM's, Scripts, ANSI
SIMBB241.ZIP (150K)

Uploaded Sun Jul 10 2011 06:20 pm

BBS Simulator v2.41 - DOS/Win32 Versions
Let your users try running their own board.
Short and sweet game play, with real world
problems! Players are ranked by the number
of subscribers they have.
[ Elysium Software -*- www.elysoft.org/zoob ]
tc_q_mh.zip (107K)

Uploaded Sat May 26 2007 12:14 am

Trivia Chat Door - Addon Questions
Ported from MisterHouse Database
from tracker1 +o theroughnecks.net
tc_q_ot.zip (91K)

Uploaded Sat May 26 2007 12:14 am

Trivia Chat Door - Addon Questions
Ported from OpenTrivia Database
from tracker1 +o theroughnecks.net
ttriv-dm.zip (30K)

Uploaded Tue Jun 03 2014 07:47 pm

Dirty Minds board game question and answer
files for the Tournament Trivia door game.
Includes a configuration file also.
ttriv10.zip (358K)

Uploaded Tue Jun 03 2014 07:37 pm

TOURNAMENT TRIVIA v1.0 (32-bit) [7/4/03]
Released as freeware and open-source
October 2010.
A brand new multi-node 32-bit Trivia 
door!  Runs on Synchronet, Winserver,
Mystic, Ele, GameSrv.  Players compete 
with each other in real-time, trying to
be the first to answer the current 
question.  Scores add up from day to day,
and are reset at the end of the month,
with one player emerging victorious.
Excellent multi-node support that also
functions as a ch
vs21win.zip (134K)

Uploaded Sun Feb 13 2011 03:39 pm

"Vegas Slots v2.1"
The ultimate online slot machine! Very
competitive with high score tables and
realistic payoffs. Can you become a
billionaire and join the Billionaires'
Written with A.N.G.E.L. Windows and
Wildcat5 versions support Internal
Telnet!. Dos version supports Fossil.

Original Programming by: Jimmy Rose
VS_0009.ZIP (265K)

Uploaded Mon Jun 27 2011 06:40 pm

------------ Virtual Sysop ------------
     You think you can do better?
        You think this is EASY?
   Play Virtual Sysop and find out!

      Virtual Sysop is a game of
       BBS and Sysop Simulation.

    Work hard to build up your BBS,
Answer Mail, Upload Files, Buy Modems,
 Hire Workers, Hack into other BBSes.

       Can yours be the #1 BBS?

        Uses any dropfile type.
        Release 3.2 Build 0009

  Copyright 1999-2002 by Darryl Perry
Copyright 2002-2004 by Michael Mont