• BBC Micro

    From Nelgin@316:719/3 to Whispnet.WEN-Vintage_Systems on Friday, October 02, 2020 18:44:26
    Does anyone else have a BBC Micro that's still up and running?

    I just got one shipped to me but, of course, it's UK PAL and here in the US we're NTSC so I can't just plug it into a TV.

    It does use a UHF connection but the ends are different when connecting to the TV and the resolution isn't as good.

    Lucky for me, my parents did import their TV when they moved to the US so I just snagged that. If it had SCART I can get an RGB (the BBS has a 6 pin DIN RGB connector) to SCART then a SCART to HDMI cable. Who'd have thought retro computing would be so expensive.
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