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    From LaRRy LaGoMoRpH@GRUDGEDU to All on Sunday, August 24, 2014 22:51:05
    why have i never noticed this sub? i'm sort of a gearhead. here's my setup for when i want to mess around :

    2 - submixers going into a scarlett 6i6 i/o. One submixer has some room mics and a hard disk recorder that could be tapped into.

    my other submixer is what can be called 'the machine' for lack of better name, and it consists of a korg er-1 drum machine, a roland rc-20 looper, a pod xt bass/guitar preamp, and electrix warp factory vocoder with a mic hooked up to that of course. basically this is my one man band dub inspired thing a ma bob. it's existed in some form or another since 2007 and some early recordings can be found at reverbnation.com/algorerhythmnation . I hope I'm better at it now, but I don't record too much these days, I've become somewhat conservative these days or less vain. these days the machine is assembled out of pvc pipes on roller carts and it's easy enough to take to a gig although it's easy to lose a handle on. it's electronic, but not synced and sequenced, more looped, mutated, gated, etc.

    when i do record, i've got a copy of Ableton Live that is also good for cranking out loop based music. Or I used band in the box when I've got a progression to get some backing tracks. Digital Performer is what I use on the computer for multitracking, it's ayite.

    i've got this 88 key yamaha digital piano with usb and some built and sounds and sequencing to use as a controller, as well as a little oxygen 8 i use to control midi parameters when i feel extra douchey. i've got 2 basses, a 5 string ibanez from the mid 90's an SR1205, bird's eye maple neck through the body, and a fretless electra that is a frankenstein of a bass. 3 guitars, an electric ibanez talman tc630, a simon and patrick spruce dreadnought, and a classical guitar that ain't bad but i forget who makes it right now. It's not great, it's from a Spanish company, but not made in the Spanish factory.

    Other shit I've got laying around is a drum kit, a couple old keyboards, a dulcimer from Thailand (tuned strange), a concertina and bunch of shit to sell.

    my monitor speakers are crappy alesis m1 actives and my mics are pretty much not worth writing home about these days, but that's because nice microphones hold value and are good to sell in a pinch. doh! anyhow, who needs all this stuff, gonna be a bitch to move.
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    Re: my gear
    By: LaRRy LaGoMoRpH to All on Sun Aug 24 2014 22:51:05

    Sounds like you have quite a bit of fun stuff. :) I've bought a few guitars over the past year and a half or so and have stopped for now because I don't want to keep spending so much money. :P