• Have you ever heard of this card game?

    From Brad Hansen@TIME to All on Sun Dec 29 23:43:41 2013
    Anybody here heard of a card game called Hand & Foot? That is our favorite game here in Iowa. When our friends get together it's pretty fun. It
    takes 6 decks of cards to play. We used to play allot of phase 10 till we started playing Hand & Foot... On phase 10 we make our own rules
    sometimes where you can play any phase. Anyway check it out.. you can play with 2 to 4 players the more people that play the harder it gets. I
    think we have had more then 10 players before. If you have a even number you can play teams. A very good family game. That game has been around a long time. So I hear..

    Please post some of your favorites.
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